• 1993

    Formation of the company Inkutec by Klaus Gater­mann and partner with the objective of producing inno­vative products made from synthetic material. The initial products were canopies for excavators and interior parts for the aircraft industry.

  • 1995

    Start in the medical-technology field with disinfection troughs for physicians in private practice.

    Co-initiator of the first-time fabrication of plates from PPSU material.

  • 1996

    First storage containers for endoscopes made from PPSU

  • 1998-2001

    Transfer of the production in-house at an increasing rate. Important milestones were the building of an own tool shop and a screen printing department as well as the acquisition of a water jet cutting machine.

  • 2002

    After the move to a new location in the same community, enlargement of the production space and considerable expansion of the machine park. Implementation of a 3D-CAD/CAM system.

  • 2003

    First international business relationships in Europe and South America.

  • 2004

    Splitting of Inkutec into the two business divisions Medicine Technology and Aircraft.

  • 2005

    Formation of an own metal construction department.

  • 2007

    Acquisition of a new machine tool.

  • 2008

    Complete separation of the companies Inkutec GmbH and Inkutec Aircraft.

  • 2011

    Triplication of the production capacity in the metal construction department and further expansion of the machine park.

    Inkutec wins the Red Dot Design Award 2011.

  • 2012

    Inkutec wins the IF 2012 award.

  • 2013

    Oliver Zumbeel becomes Managing Director of Inkutec in addition to Klaus Gatermann.

    The water-jet-cutting capacity is ex­panded further.

    At the beginning of this year Inkutec becomes certified according to EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 | ISO 9001:2008.

  • 2014

    At the beginning of this year Inkutec becomes certified according to EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 | ISO 9001:2008. In December 2014 Inkutec had the first succesful inspection by the FDA.

    In the synthetic-material processing area the capacity is expanded further by a new CNC milling machine. More precision and speed.

    In the metal construction area the machine park is ex­panded by the acquisition of an additional one of each punch/laser combination machine, bending press and grinding machine thereby guaranteeing fail­ure safety and safeguarding capacity.

  • 2015

    Mrs. Judith Gauck will be CEO beside Klaus Gatermann. Furthermore Mrs. Melanie Moll, Mrs. Carolin Schröder and Mr. Stefan Kunze will receive power of attorney.