• Die Inkutec is a member of the technology association TechnologyMoun­tains. The objectives are to create synergies, systematically promote and network competences and push new innovations.
  • TechnologyMountains works cross-industry and interdisciplinarily in order to achieve competitive ad­vantages for all members in a timely manner
  • Members profit from an information advantage by exchanges of knowledge and experiences in a branch-oriented and interdisciplinary dialogue.


Die Inkutec is a participant at the GS1 number system for the standard­ization of business processes.

GS1 Germany, known by standards around the bar code, offers com­panies modern identification, communication and process standards for more efficiency in their business processes. This entity domiciled in Cologne / Germany is part of the international network ”Global Stan­dards One” (GS1) and is the second largest of more than 100 GS1 country organizations. Parity as­sociates of GS1 Germany are the Markenverband e.V. (The German Brands Association) in Berlin / Ger­many and the EHI Retail Institute.


Since 1953 the Hanover/Germany based ”International Forum Design” awards the world-renowned quality seals for excellent design in the three categories ”Product”, ”Communication” and ”Packaging”.

In 2012 Inkutec won the award in the category ”Product” for the de­sign of the IXOS radial plate system.

The jury comments:

”The minimized, color-coded equipment is intuitionally operable. The storage system including the unique rack for plates and screws configured according to the honeycomb principle contrasts positively with the stan­dard in respect to han­dling and treatment capabilities.”

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The ”Red Dot Design Award” is awarded annually by the Design-Zen­trum Nordrhein-Westfalen (Design Center North Rhine Westphalia) as an award for outstanding design quality and enjoys worldwide recogni­tion.

In the category ”Life Science and Medicine” the jury awarded the prod­uct HBS2 2011 a ”Red Dot” thereby giving credit to the screws and the stor­age con­tainer for form and function.

In its explanation the jury states the following:
”Color-coded instruments facilitate a safe handling, ergonomic silicone han­dles improve the haptic sensation. Above all the storage based on the hon­eycomb principle offers
efficiency in the treatment.

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