• Extremely low stress crack susceptibilityh
  • Capable of withstanding up to 190°C in continuous operation
  • Has excellent mechanical features across a wide temperature range
  • Capable of being sterilized with all usual methods
  • Particularly high hydrolysis resistancet
  • Resistant to chemicals and of low flammability
  • Meets the FDA and USP requirements
  • Particularly with the superheated-steam sterilization 2.000 cy­cles or more possible

Due to these properties our products made from PPSU withstand even very high stresses – they are e.g. resistant to aggressive disinfection products. In comparison to other materials synthetic material has even further advantages:

  • Is available in various colors
  • Can be imprinted well (e.g. with colored logos) and likewise laser engraved with excellent results
  • Is very light and inherently stable
  • enables a flexible modeling by the use of cost-efficient deep-drawing tools

Inkutec uses Europlex® PPSU in the production.

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